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October 2017
PA School Business Managers are turning to MRS Tax Lien Management to offset stalled state budget, funding formula disparities and depleted fund balances. Also, catch up on MRS tradeshow appearances.   Read More
July 2017
Pennsylvania School business managers can offset unknown state contributions, mandated cost increases & budget shortfalls with new revenue from the MRS Tax Lien Management.  Read More
May 2017
Hazelton Area School District teams up with MRS again to generate new revenue with tax lien management, a program that is also seen as a way to help offset cutbacks to come from the PA revenue tax shortfall.  Read More
February 2018
If a PA municipality transferees unpaid  taxes to a land bank, they become an asset that can be used to create funding with MRS Tax Lien Management, which in turn can pay for the land bank startup costs.   Read More
April 2018
Old revenue challenges linger for PA School Business Managers as new school security costs approach. Find out what business managers can do to offset them all with tax lien management from MRS.   Read More
June 2018
MRS is pleased to announce that the East Allegheny School District, located in Allegheny County, recently approved joining the Municipal Revenue Services delinquent real-estate tax revenue program.   Read More
December 2019
The Brownsville Area School District, Riverside Beaver County School District and East Allegheny School District recently approved joining the MRS Tax Lien Management Program.  Read More
February 2019
Learn how PA school districts can create a new cash stream without raising taxes or incurring debt with the MRS tax lien management program that’s already provided over $500 million for taxing districts.   Read More
March 2020
PA schools districts are now concerned about security fund shortfalls. To offset this, MRS’ Tax Lien Management is converting unpaid property taxes into new revenue streams for stable and distressed school districts .  Read More